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Why I chose BERA

  • Content: Video
  • Date: 17 February 2020

Jim Stengel’s post-corporate pivot was working with companies to discover and act on their purpose. His next move? Helping them measure how purpose pays.

Jim Stengel speaking at an ANA workshop, Driving Growth with Measurement, on why he partnered with BERA to leverage our groundbreaking predictive brand tech platform to measure brand purpose and link it to business growth.

Jim Stengel, a world-renowned marketing executive, helps organizations across the globe follow a purpose path to growth. As part of this important work, Jim and his team challenged themselves to answer three critically important questions:

1. Is there a single metric that can be used across sector and brand to measure purpose effectiveness?

2. How exactly does purpose drive brand equity and business results?

3. How can we help brands know exactly what purpose levers to use to activate growth?

“What’s missing is the link between purpose activation and the bottom line.”