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Brand Value Drives Corporate Value

  • Content: Article
  • Date: 03 December 2020

How BERA's predictive brand tech platform bridges the marketing-finance gap with its innovative solution to the brand to business problem.

Ask finance leaders to quantify the true value of marketing and brand-building like they would investments in plant and equipment, and most of them are at a loss. Even more so when it comes to working out how much to invest in marketing and brand-building.

Their loss only deepens when they contemplate how to evaluate and optimize the allocation of financial resources to multiple brands across different geographies and customer groups.

It feels more like a guessing game than a fact-driven modelling exercise. And that is a terrible feeling.

Of course, the situation described above is not for lack of trying. For years, marketers and others have been working in good faith to get better at quantifying, evaluating, and optimizing investment in marketing and brand-building. The most prominent examples are Marketing Mix Modelling, Multiple Touch Attribution, and Brand Tracking.

However, these and other attempts all fall short in three ways: They only measure the impact on short-term sales; they lack causality to economic value; and they are backward-looking in terms of consumer behavior.

There was nothing anyone could do about these shortfalls until two things happened. The first was that the minimum essential ingredients for solving them came into existence, and the second was that someone brought those ingredients together.

See how by reading this article.